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MTP Coleman style hand made tattoo machine, custom build to your spec, liner shader, colour packer

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This is my take on the classic Coleman style machine, three pice welded frame out of good quality steel, hand wound tattoo machine coils with a choice of covers. This tattoo machine can be setup to run whatever you like. They are all made to order, can fit 32mm coils or 25mm shortie hand wound coils with a chunky yoke. Totally up to you, just email me with the spec. MTP Tattoo Supplies Wrexham, North Wales United Kingdom.

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Cigar wraps 8 or 10 Layer, 32mm or 25mm, Shader or Liner Hand wound tattoo machine coils MTP Tattoo Supplies UK Wrexham

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Hand wrapped tattoo machine coils Cigar wraps 10 layer or 8 layer, 32mm or 25mm coil core, phenolic/fibre washers, 24 awg enamelled copper wire. 50v 47/22/33μF Capacitor. Clear heat shrink or varnish. These coils are supplied with M4 screws. And cigar bands vary All my coils are hand wound by myself in my workshop in Wrexham North Wales UK, To the highest standard. I take a lot of pried in my coils. 25mm shortie coils 8 layer liner, 10 wrap […]

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