MTP Tattoo Supplies Custom Tattoo Machines, Hand Wound Tattoo Machine Coils (electromagnets) and custom Tattoo Machine Parts. Handmade in Wrexham, Wales, UK

My name is Martin Thomas Pritchard, I strive to make the best tattoo machines and coils that I can, always trying something new and keeping it fresh.
I take custom orders for frames, coils, binding post sets and more.

Whilst travelling round tattoo studios I was constantly asked if I supplied tattoo needles and ink….. Well now I do,
Im a UK supplier of Formula 51 Tattoo Ink, some of the best and brightest tattoo ink on the planet.

A little about my machines and coils.

All my tattoo machine coils are wound by hand in my workshop in Wrexham, some washers I make and some I buy pre-cut. I use 3 colours of wire all the same grade, it’s the best money can buy…. I have tried loads over the years. Coil cores come in two standard sizes 32mm and 25mm and are the highest quality.
I put a lot of time, effort and pride into my coils. I have two types of Tattoo Machines. The basic Machines are sand cast brass frames, that I buy in and clean up or finish however people want. These are of course cheaper and for those on a tight budget.
Than there are my MTP Handmade Tattoo Machines,
All side plates are my own drawings some based on classics, some side plates are laser cut in Wales others are cut by hand with a hacksaw and files. All my base plates are hand milled by me in my workshop by me, each one is built specifically for that machine. Some binding post sets I turn in house and depends on what machine as to what style I use.

Any questions please just ask, give me a ring, txt or email me…. I will get back to you as soon as I can